Saturday, July 4, 2015


      This is the circular of extension for submission of membership verification forms. The last date is now 6th August 2015 , not 6th July. The Circle Union has already issued guidelines in respect to the above order. For ready reference of all comrades, the guildeline is reproduced below once again :

    We are sure that our organisers in all divisions and units have already completed collecting signed membership forms from our members and would-be members. But as the last date has been extended by the Directorate till 06.08.2015, the Circle Unions advise our comrades not to submit the forms now and hold till as close as possible to the last date. We would rather utilise this extended period of time to increase our membership even more by additional drives to those who still remain distant from NFPE for different reasons.

     We firmly believe that in present crisis, if the actual scenario and our role is properly explained to everyone, none could stay away from us. Let us devote ourselves in that task, and at the same time, please maintain close contacts with our members. We need to remain absolutely serious in this highest responsibility in the organisation and none or nothing should be taken for granted. Let NFPE be the winner again.

     Please act accordingly.

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