Friday, July 31, 2015

Program from 3rd August’ 2015 deferred.

     In our Joint Working Committee Meeting held on 11th July’ 2015, we took a decision to hold indefinite hunger fast at Circle Office from 3rd August’ 2015. Unless higher authority take drastic action against present SSPO’s of South Hooghly Division for his irregular activities. Already we had a discussion on 24th July’ 2015 with our Chief Postmaster General, West Bengal Circle at 4 monthly meeting. She had a passionate hearing. Again Postmaster General, South Bengal Region decided to hold bi-monthly meeting on 4th August’2015, where issue of South Hooghly is an agendum. In these circumstances, program from 3rd August’ 2015 has been deferred.
     But we will not wait for long. If administration ignore our demand, the same program will be started soon, date of which will be communicated shortly, if required.    

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