Friday, July 1, 2016

NJCA meeting held today unanimously decided to go on indefinite strike from 6 am on 11th July’ 206.

     Today as per direction of Circle Union (NFPE), in most of the Branch/Division demonstration were spontaneous, massive and encouraging. This is our sincere appeal to our Comrades to intensify try propaganda every day. We have to go all offices, all employees irrespective of unions. Be in constant touch with Circle Union. Also please visit blog of CHQ/NFPE/Confederation. Discuss with FNPO leadership at Branch/Division level.
     Central Govt. has totally cheated us. So, we have no other alternative but give a befitting reply to Central Govt. Time is short but our conviction is the great.
                                                   NFPE, W. B. Circle,                                  
                                      South Presidency Dn. 
                                    Birbhum Dn. 
                                        Contai Dn. 
                                       Central Kolkata Dn. 
                                    Tamluk Dn. 
                                              Bankura Dn. 
                                        Nadia North Dn. 
                                    Barasat Dn. 

                                    Nadia South Dn. 
                                      Midnapore Dn. 
                                       Cooch Behar Dn. 
                                        Barabazar Dn.     

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