Friday, July 29, 2016

Observance of 29th July 1946 at the call of Postal Coordination Committee, West Bengal Circle.

     Postal Coordination Committee, West Bengal Circle today at Tarapada Memorial Hall observed historic 29th July 1946 with profound honour and dignity. After hoisting the Red Flag of NFPE and garlanding at the matyrs’ column program started. Com Asit Das, Com Sukumar Mondal, Com Chittya Ranjan Dutta presided over the program.
     Com Sibsankar Roy, our respected leader was the only speaker. He described nicely the glorious history of 29th July 1946 in Postal Movement as well as struggle for India Independence. He then related the lesson of 29th July strike to present ongoing struggle. He described the vindictic role of Central Govt. on Central Govt. employees, common people in particular.
     Finally, he made frantic call to the organizers, leaders of NFPE to take sincere efforts amongst the employees irrespective of union to make coming 2nd Spt. Strike a grand success.

     Presidium extends thanks to the audience for attending this educative program.

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