Thursday, December 22, 2016

Formation of Reception Committee for next Joint Circle Conference of P3, P4 and GDS Union, likely to be held at Siliguri under Darjeeling Divn from 4 – 7 October’ 2017.

      The Joint Extended Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU, Gr.”C”, Postmen & MTS, GDS and PWU, Darjeeling Divn held on 18.12.2016 at Siliguri HO Recreation Club. Com Sarbada Ghatraj, President, P3, Com Nanda Sen, Vice President, P3, Com Raj Kr Pradhan, President, P4, Com Pradip Dutta, President, GDS and Com Rakesh Bhujel, President, PWU were presided over the meeting.  Com Tapan Dasgupta, Convener, 12th July Committee inaugurated the meeting and he nicely described the present attacked on working class (including postal employees) as well as our task.
     Some leaders, organizers from other mass organizations are invited in the meeting. From this meeting, one Powerful Reception Committee was formed for next Circle Conference.  Com Annwesha Biswas, Circle Secretary, P3, Com Manoj Shaw, Financial Secretary, P3, Com Bijoy Gopal Sur, Circle Secretary & All India President, GDS, Com Krishna Roy, Asstt. Circle Secretary, P4 and Com Sukumar Mondal, President, P4 were present in the meeting.  Com Rameshwar Bakshi, Dist. Convener, 12th July Committee, Darjeeling Dist. also addressed the meeting. Com Bijoy Gopal Sur, Com Sukumar Mondal and Com Annwesha Biswas delivered their speech in the meeting on behalf of Circle Union. Lastly one powerful Reception Committee was formed from this meeting, key posts of which are as below. This Committee is determined to take all out preparation for holding of successful Circle Conference’2017. In this context this is to mention that the above conference like likely to be held on and from 4 – 7 Oct 2017.

         We the Circle unions also hope for the best.

Chairman:--              Com Rameshwar Bakshi,
                                   Convener, 12th July Committee,
                                   Darjeeling Dist.
Working Chairman:--- Com Nanda Sen, Vice
                                       President, AIPEU, Gr.”C”
Joint Secretary:--  1. Com Sudip Sen, Divn
                                    Secretary, AIPEU, Gr. “C”,
                                     Darjeeling Divn.
                                2. Com Dhiren Chhetri, Divn
                                     Secretary, AIPEU, P4,
                                     Darjeeling Divn
                               3. Com Dipak Mohanto, Divn
                                    Secretary, AIPEU, GDS                                
                               4. Com Asit Baran Das, Divn
                                    Secretary, AIPEU, P4, Siliguri
                                    Local Branch                          

Joint Treasurer:-- 1. Com Madan Mohan Ghosh,
                                    Treasurer, AIPEU, P4,
                                     Darjeeling Divn                                                    
                                2. Prosenjit Kulacharya, Vice
                                    President,  AIPEU, Gr. “C”,
                                    Darjeeling Divn.                                                                   

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