Friday, December 16, 2016

      Comrade Gopal Chandra Singha, GDSMP, Maguria Town S.O. under Purulia Division , West Bengal Circle and the Divisional GDS Secretary of AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) breathed his last on 15.12.2016 in New Delhi where he went to participate in the 'Parliament March' at the call of the Confederation. He could not participate in the March as he fell sick from the previous night, reportedly from chest pain, and was taking rest at the Kalibari, where the West Bengal comrades stayed. He was brought to Ram Manoha Lohiya Hospital , New Delhi by our comrade  and stayed back at kali Bari after medical treatment.
        But during the day of the program, his condition worsened and he passed away at Kalibari. He was only 51, left two daughters with their mother and his own aged parents at home. His brother went to New Delhi to receive his mortal body after post mortem. He was discharging the responsibilities of the Divl Secretary since the year 2012.
        On behalf of the Circle Union Com. Janardan Majumder & Com. Ajit Rana, Com. Arup Chatterjee, Com. Bibhas Dey from confederation  & other leader were present there for  necessary assistance &  stayed there till completion of Post mortem of Com Singh. Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation , Com. R. N. Parashar, General Secretary, NFPE Com. Sitalaxmi other all India Leaders went to Ram Manohar Lohiya Hospital to tribute last salute to Comrade Singh.  Confederation, NFPE (CHQ) &  Circle Unions express deepest condolence to the bereaved family for the sudden irreparable loss. We shall surely stand by the side of the family by all means in the coming days with all of your support.
              Our tribute and Last Salute to Comrade Gopal Chandra Singha.

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