Wednesday, December 7, 2016


    Comrades, there will be a modification in the resolutions to be adopted from today's program which were given in this blog yesterday. 
           (1) The GDS Pay Committee related resolution and recipients will remain the same. 

           (2) The charter of demand prepared by the Central Postal JCA will have to be submitted to the DG (Posts) and the Hon'ble Minister of Communications, Govt of India, along with the following text of resolution:
    This demonstration of all cross-sections of postal employees of West Bengal Circle condemns the inaction and reluctance of the management of the Department of Posts towards solving the 17-points demands placed centrally by the Central JCA and demands justifiable settlement to each of the issues at the earliest.

              (3) The resolution on the issues shortlisted by the Circle Unions will have to be adopted in the following format and be sent to the Chief Postmaster General, concerned Postmaster General and the Secretary General of NFPE.
      This demonstration of postal employees and workers of ____________ division/unit expresses its strong protest and deep resentment over (1) the non-Payment of due revised wage to the Part-Time Workers and non-disbursement of working wage to DRMs at various divisions/units and unrealistic termination of their engagement entailing in dislocation of service and unjustified pressure on working staffs ; (2) Inaction of West Bengal Circle Administration to remove huge WOS currency notes from post offices and supply of sufficient legal tender currency notes instead. The post offices, Head Offices in particular, are being subjected to whims of bank management and humiliation before public. The role of a section of officers belonging to different tiers are lacking of parity, proportion and transparency.

          This demonstration is particularly critical of the misinterpretation of Dte. order regarding pay advance and its implication towards adjustment while payment of salary by the Circle Office, for which salary of all employees for the month of November 2016 were paid in cheque, at some places including GDS officials though they were not covered in Dte. order. 
            This demonstration demands justifiable solution to all the above problems in no time to bring about change in the present scenario of indifference and inaction, otherwise circlewide trade union movement of unprecedented intensity will be resorted to.


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