Monday, December 7, 2009


The C.G. Coordination Committee, West Bengal, has announced the following programs. Comrades are requested to ensure participation of our staff-members en masse.

11.12.2009  ----  Observation of Death Anniversary of Com. K.G.Bose. At 9:00 AM, as per our tradition, a brief program  in remembrance will be held at the Beleghata residence of the Late Comrade. From 11:00 AM, This year's Blood Donation Camp will be organised at Kolkata G.P.O. Circle Union requests providing donors from branch / divisions as per the quota of   ----
  1.  GPO -- 15.
  2. South Kolkata & East Kolkata -- 10.
  3. North Kolkata, Fgn Post, Barabazar, RLO, Alipore -- 5.
  4. PSD  -- 3.

17.12.2009   ----  A seminar has been organised at Calcutta University Centenary Hall at 5:30 P.M. Comrade Amiya Patra, prominent leader of Democratic movements, will speak on a very contemporary and relevant subject of  ' TERRORISM, ASSASINATION  and  STRUGGLE OF THE WORKING CLASS'.

                    Comrades are requested to attend the seminar in large numbers.

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