Friday, December 18, 2009


Facing enormous pressure from the NFPE group of Unions of West Bengal Circle, the Chief Postmaster General has been compelled to make the commitment to change her discourteous attitude and behavioral autocracy in the discussion held today from 10:00 A.M. at the C.O.

The Circle Secretaries made it clear that the way she preferred so long to work in the circle will not be allowed further. Instances were given that the organisational letters were not being even acknowledged, taking action on them was a word apart. Staff matters were neglected desparately and efforts were taken  to create a panicky situation circlewide. Ch PMG herself was taking measures to curb trade union rights by trying to stall all movements in Yogayog Bhavan, sometimes by issuing letters citing conduct rules, sometimes by creating obstructions in the way of the gatherings.

She was given a clear understanding that if she did not intend to change this pattern of working, the staff side would show its strength in no time and the she would be responsible for an entire dislocation in the circle.

Facing such enormous pressure, the Ch PMG apologised for not responding to the letters of the unions and issued instruction to the DPS (HQ) & ADPS (Per) to instantly reply all letters in future. She also committed that no scope for such gross misunderstanding will be given from the circle administration and she had no intention to curb any right of the recognised service unions. Her proposal for gathering of staffs outside Yogayog Bhavan during demonstrations  was instantly and vehemently rejected by the Circle Secretaries.

The two hours discussion concluded today with the decision that all staff-related issues raised by the Circle Unions will be discussed on 6th January 2010. Minutes of today's discussion would be made available shortly. We shall send the copy of the minutes to our branch / divisional secretaries.

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