Saturday, May 19, 2012

As a part of the recent endeavour taken up by our Divisional and Branch Unions to cultivate departmental rulings and enhance knowledge of rules, we would like you to know that apart from the compilations of the Swamy Publishers, all departmental Manuals and Volumes are sold by some other publishers also. Phone number, e-mail id and address of one such publisher is given below. Please understand that we are only sharing the information of availability as we have obtained from 'sapost' blog. Comrades are to satisfy themselves before placing orders. 

251/A, Baba Farid Puri, 
West Patel Nagar, 
New Delhi -110008 
Phone Nos. 9868790657,9810353797, 011-25882753/25880816 
Email ID-

Books for Postmaster Grade I in PO’s 

1. V.K.Balan’s Master Guide for DC Exam for the Post of 

Postmaster Grade I in Po’s 2011-12 ed                                 Rs. 875/- 

Books for Postal Operations - For Detailed Study 

1. Nabhi’s RTI Act one should know 2011 ed                       Rs. 190/- 

2. Swamy CCS CCA Rule 2012                                              Rs. 300/- 

3. Swamy CCS Conduct Rule 2012                                         Rs. 175/- 

4. Swamy FHB Vol I 2009 ed                                                  Rs 390/- 

5. DOP’s FHB Vol II 1985 ed                                                Rs. 200/- 

6. Upkar’s Computer General Awareness                             Rs. 40/- 

7. Upkar’s Latest General Knowledge 2011                         Rs. 120/- 

8. Postal Manuals Vol II, III, IV, V, VI, Pt.I, II,III, VII, VIII 

PO Guide Pt I, II, IV (Call for Prices) 

Books for LGO (PA/SA) Exam 

1. V.K. Balan’s Master Guide to LGO’s (PA/SA) 2011-12 (Eng) Rs. 325/- 

2. Kairali’s Master Guide to LGO’s in Hindi 2011-12 ed 

(as per new syllabus) Rs. 350/- 
3. Upkar Vastu Nisht ganith (Objective Arithamatic) ( Hindi) Rs. 215/-

4. Upkar quicker objective arithamatic (English) Rs. 199/-
Help Book 
1. Postal Manual Vol V (Diglot)                                             Rs. 300/- 

2. Postal Manual Vol VII (For RMS) (Diglot)                       Rs. 250/- 

3. Post Office Guide Part I (Diglot)                                       Rs. 350/- 

4. Post Office Guide Part II (Diglot)                                      Rs. 300/- 

5. Post Office Guide Part IV (Diglot)                                     Rs. 200/- 

6. Postal Manual Vol VI Pt I, II, III (Eng & Hindi)               Rs. 800/-each 

Books for PS Group ‘B’/Postmaster Group B Exam 

1. V.K.Balan’s Master Guide for P S Group B/PMs 

(Paper I-II) 2011-12 Under print 

2. Postal Manual Vol II, III, IV, VII, VIII & Post Office Guide 

Part I, Pt II, Pt III (Call for Prices) Hindi/English ed 1985ed 

3. Hand Book for Material Management By S. Gopala Krishnan Rs. 295/- 

4. PO Small Savings Schemes Vol I,II, III By Kawaljeet Singh (ADG) Rs . 620/- 

5. Hand Book PO SSS 2011ed By Kawaljeet Singh Rs. 120/- 

6. Swamy Manual on Office Procedure 2012 Under Print 

7. Swamy Manual on Establishment & Administration 2012ed Rs. 925/- 

8. Upkar’s Ever latest General Knowledge                          Rs. 120/- 

9. Bahari’s Manual on office procedure 2008                       Rs .250/- 

Books for Paper II 

1. Swamy CCS Conduct Rule 2012                                       Rs. 175/- 

2. Swamy CCS CCA Rules 2012                                           Rs. 300/- 

3. Swamy General Financial Rules 2010                               Rs. 230/- 

4. Swamy FRSR Part I 2011 (General Rule)                         Rs. 410/- 

5. Swamy FRSR Part II 2012 (TA Rule)                               Rs. 200/- 

6. Swamy’s FRSR Part III (CCS Leave Rules 2011)           Rs. 150/- 

7. Swamy FRSR Part IV (DA & HRA) 2011                        Rs. 215/- 

8. Swamy FHB Vol I Rs. 390/- 

9. Dop FHB Vol II(Diglot edn) Rs 200/- 

Hand Book 2012 

Swamy Hand Book for Central Government Employees 2012 Rs. 240/- 

Nabhi’s referencer for Central Governmet Employee 2012     Rs.240/- 

Bahari’s Hand Book for Central Government Employee 2012 Rs. 240/- 

Nabhi’s Year Book for C G Employees 2012 (Hindi)                Rs. 240/- 

Bahari’s Kendriya Karmachari Niyamavali 2012                       Rs. 240/- 

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