Friday, May 18, 2012

    Comrades are well aware of the administrative decision to install a new AMPC machine at Kolkata Airport Sorting. The Letter Sorting Machine has the capacity of sorting 36,000 letters per hour, while the Mixed Mail Sorting Machine will sort 18,000 mail per hour.
    All mails originating from the city of Kolkata are going to be routed only through this AMPC at AP Sorting bypassing Kolkata RMS --- the biggest RMS establishment of the department. As a result, Kolkata RMS will eventually dry up and abolished finally. The staffs, in case of that situation, would be having no option but to accept displacement or retrenchment. Again, many of the related work of the AMPC are planned to be managed by outsider DRMs. But the contingent-paid staffs and DRMs working for long in Kolkata RMS are not covered with any guarantee that they would be allowed to continue there.
     Such being the situation, all divisional unions are requested to hold a recess hours demonstration tomorrow at Divl headquarters and send a resolution from that demonstration to the Chief Postmaster General, West Bengal Circle by fax/ post. The fax no. is 033-2212-0811.
     Text of the resolution is given below.
Resolution Dated 18.05.2012.  
     This joint demonstration of NFPE Group of Unions, ................ Branch/ Division, vehemently oppose and protest against the manner and procedure of the installation and functioning of the AMPC at Kolkata A.P. Stg., by which the establishment of the Kolkata RMS will be in deep trouble and the staffs would face displacement. 
   This mass demonstration also expresses its concern over the plan of outsourcing of different part of related work, but without providing assurance of continuation of the DRMs/ contingent-paid staffs working at Kolkata RMS since long.
   This demonstration further resolves to go on with stronger series of movements if the administration does not refrain itself from i) making any step that may lead to displacement of the staffs of Kolkata RMS, ii) outsourcing any related work  avoiding departmental staffs, and iii) engaging new DRMs without guarantee of continuation of the already working ones at Kolkata RMS thus rendering them jobless all on a sudden.

(Signature of President of the demonstration)

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