Friday, November 2, 2012

The  following  delegates/observers will  attend  the  state  conference of  Central Govt Co-ordination Committee to be  held  on and  from 4-6th Nov,2012  at Sarat Sadan, Howrah.
1.        Com Pranab Bhattacharyya, Vice President, P-III Circle Union
2.        Com Janardan Majumdar, Circle Secy, P-III, WB Circle
3.         Com Gouranga Dev  Maity, AGS,P-III
4.         Com Debajyoti Gupta, Vice President, P-III Circle Union
5.         Com Asim Deb, Vice President, P-III Circle Union
6.         Com Aneswa Biswas Asstt TR
7.         Com Asit Das,Circle CS, SBCO
8.         Com Gouranga Das, Org Secy, SBCO
9.         Com Manoj Shaw,TR,P-III
10.           Com Uttam Pal,Org Secy,
11.           Com Bijan Chakraborty,Asstt CS
12.           Com Samir Chkraborty,Org Secy
13.           Com Sujit Chakraborty,DS, S Kol
14.           Com Narayan Mistry,DS, North Kol
15.           Com Ajit Rana,DS Contai
16.           Com Ranjan Malakar,Asstt Secy ,Barabazar
17.           Com Ashoke Bose/Samit Mukherjee, Kol GPO
18.           Com Bibhas Ghora, Member Office Sub Committee
19.           Com Arani Bhattacharyya, Convenor,PM Cadre Sub   
20.           Com Partha Ghosh, Member PM Cadre Sub Committee
Delegates/Observers  are  requested  to attend   the  conference  in time. Some Office bearers ( like Com Nanda Sen, Asit Banagabas) and most of the Divl Secretaries out-side Kolkata have been selected  as  delegates from  their  respective District Co-ordination Committee. Delegates/Observers quota of Gr-C union  is  = 20(10+10). We have  distributed   this quota  amongst  the  office bearers and  some Divl Secretaries.
Circle Secretary, P-III, WB Circle

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