Thursday, March 12, 2015

Condolence meeting of Late Com. Sanat Nandy held on 10th march’2015.

        Calcutta Postal Club and Postal C-ordination Committee (NFPE) jointly held condolence meeting of Late Com. Sanat Nandy. Com. Bijoy Gopal Sur and Com. Suvash Dasgupta presided over the meeting. He was honoured by all leaders and one minute’s slience was observed at the beginning. In momory of Com. Sanat Nandy, particularly reflecting his organizational activiess in Caluctta Postal Club and Our organization (NFPE), one resolution has been placed by Janardan Majumdar, Secretary, Postal Co-ordination Committee. Then Comrade Paresh Chakraborty, General Secretary, Calcutta Postal Club paid homage to Com. Nandy by brief speech. After that Com. Sushanta Kar, Ex- Secreaty, AIPEU, GR. – “C” RLO, Kollata & member of pensioner Association and com. Gopal Mukherjee Ex-leader of RLO, Kolkata and member of pensioner Association expressed organizational gratitude in Com. Sanat Nandy.
         Finally, Com. Shibsankar Roy, our respected leader deliveres his detailed speech on Com. Sanat Nandy. Actually, both the leaders like Com. S. S. Roy & Com. Sanat Nandy worked together in organizational for a long time. So, recalling the past, he described Com. Sanat Nandy as a good man as well as a good leader.
     Meeting took oath that we will struggle hard to move further taking the doctrine to Com. Sanat Nandy with us for ever. 

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