Friday, March 20, 2015

Get All out prepatation for All India Conference of AIPEU, Gr.-“C” ------- Hurry up !

1.  AIC will be held on and from 4th June’2015 to 7th June’2015 at Lucknow (UP Circle)
2.  Send your quota, so as to reach Central Head Quarter (CHQ) within 31St March’2015 positively. Be serious.
3.  Ensure presence of all delegates of your Division / Branch at the conference. Take note ENSUING CONFERENCE WILL BE TOUGH ENOUGH. So, attend with FULL STRENGTH
4.  There are so many trains from Howrah / Sealdah to Lucknow. But Circle union has prefer the train No. 13005 (Amritsar Mail) so as reach the venue (Lucknow) before the date of conference.
      Comrades of North Bengal may choice those trains which are direct to Lucknow from their place. 
      Date of up journey on 2nd April’2015 so as to reach          the venue on 3rd April’ 2015 (evening).
  Note:-- Please remember as per latest Railway Budget now Reserved tickets are booked before 120 days from the date of journey, which will be start frim 1st April’2015.

  Returned ticket not before 8th March’2015.
5.  For further information / discussion connect with Circle union / Com. Manoj Shaw, Financial Secretary, (9433776200)

Let us take all out preparation,

Let our all roads be towards Lucknow (UP) in June’2015

Let us be optimist for a better future !

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