Friday, March 13, 2015

Holding of demonstration on 18/03/2015 for payment of remuneration to Part time employees.

Most Important Notice

Hold demonstration at all Divisions/Branches at launch hours on 18.03.2015 and send the resolution to the Chief Postmaster General, West Bengal Circle (Fax no. 03322120811).

Get prepared for Circle level demonstration shortly.


            This mass demonstration held on this day at  ………………(Place) under the banner of   …………………( unions name) expresses it’s serious concern over the administrative inaction towards payment of arrear remuneration to part time employees vide Dte’s communication no. 2-53/2011-PCC dated 22.1.2015 endorsed by C.O. letter no. EST/B/Z-04/Unions dated 30.01.2015.
             This demonstration therefore resolves to seek personal intervention of our honb’le Chief Postmaster General, West Bengal Circle to issue necessary instruction to appropriate levels for immediate payment to avoid further resentment.
                                                                  President of the meeting

Copy to: -- 1. The Chief Postmaster General, West Bengal Circle, Yogayog
                      Bhawan, Kolkata – 700 012.
                 2. The Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Gr. “C”/ Postman & MTS, West
                      Bengal Circle, Kolkata – 700 013.            

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