Wednesday, June 10, 2015

   All of our divisional leaders are already aware of the notification of Postal Directorate issued regarding fresh membership verification. We know that already you have distributed the new membership form to every corner of your respective divisions. Links to both the notification and authorisation form have been given in our Group-C (CHQ) and NFPE blogs.

     Circle Union would like to request you all to pay attention and keep the following salient features in mind during conducting the process of this most serious work.
  1. This notification is issued for verification of departmental employees only, not for GDS. Every employee, new or old, has to sign fresh authorisation form with the initial of Director (SR&Legal) as given in CHQ/Federation website. Please do not try to prepare or print separate form.
  2. This verification will be valid for next 5 years, i.e., for next five years only new members [on new recruitment (outsider/departmental) or upon change from other unions] have to sign. So, now each and every member/intending member has to sign.
  3. All forms are to be submitted under receipt through a list in triplicate and a forwarding letter only to the Divisional Head (and nobody else) by 6th July 2015 . Please note that you (authorised office bearer) need to sign each page of the list.
  4. Divl Head will scrutinise the forms and compare them with the list IN PRESENCE OF ONE REPRESENTATIVE FROM EACH UNION. After scrutiny, the list has to be displayed by Divl Head on the notice board on 7th & 8th July 2015.
  5. Any employee having his/her name in more than one unions' lists, may represent to Divl Head by 15th July 2015, if any union has submitted false membership form in his/her name.
  6. Divl Head has to consider and dispose all such representation by 17th July 2015. After that, he/she will return one set of the list to the union duly acknowledging the receipt of two sets of lists along with authorisation (membership) forms.
  7. These lists and forms will then be supplied by Divl Head to the D.D.O. (Head/Senior/Chief Postmaster of concerned H.O.) for starting deduction of subscription from the salary for the month of July 2015, i.e., payment to be made on 31.07.2015.
            These are the most important points of the notification dated 09.06.2015 and our guideline. Please be vigilant that the above dates are maintained scrupulously by all Divl Authorities without any deviation. There are other details also regarding dealing with complaint of fake authorisation form, genuine signature to more than one union, remittance of subscription and preparing some reports etc., which you may obtain by reading it thoroughly. In case of any complication/complaint/clarification, please contact Circle Union immediately.

     Now our task is, needless to say, to jump into action right now. Please remember that the more number of employees gathered under the banner of NFPE, the more power of bargaining with administration we hold. So please enrich and devise yourselves by recollecting the sacrifices, struggles and achievements of our organisation for years together, for which the entire Postal fraternity chose us all over India to remain the largest and the most trusted organisation ever. Let us grow now even stronger than ever.


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