Monday, June 1, 2015


     The two-day's continuous stay-in demonstration program at the Circle Office has been proved to be a overwhelming success. Most of the divisions have exceeded their allotted quota of presence, the enthusiasm was even more. This has crossed Circle Unions' assessment. Such success came at a time when in different divisions like Kolkata GPO, South Hooghly, North Presidency, Howrah etc., our members are facing severe attacks from a section of administration. In the name of office interest, leaders and members of NFPE are being transferred, charge sheeted or harassed in various ways. This section of administration is trying their best to foil our programs and demoralise our organisers.

     With such a background, the huge success is surely delivering a strong message to all. 

    In spite of all efforts, administration could not prevail and push our members away except some rare instances. The Postal fraternity still believe in the ideology and path of NFPE. Secondly, our comrades are not panicked despite series of attacks. The resolve of the program is very clear ---- the more the attack, the stronger the reply. The gathering, the speeches, the rally through the floors of Yogayog Bhavan reflected confidence and spirit of united struggle. The Circle Administration also must have taken a note of it. They have agreed to discuss the demands of the charter separately on a pre-scheduled date. 

  Now we have to keep up the spirit of our organisation at all levels. Leaders and activists have done an excellent job. It is proved that if we decide we can do wonders. To deal and defend with the difficulties of today's situation, NFPE is fighting to save it as a Govt department. We have to carry out the noble responsibility to propagate this struggle against conspiracies of Corporates to save our country.       

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