Sunday, August 30, 2015


     Comrades, we are approaching the day to exhibit unprecedented unity of the working class of India --- 2nd September 2015. We had enough reasons to jump into action to make the call of strike by 11 Central Trade Unions successful, and those reasons have become more pertinent after the failure of two rounds of discussions with the Central Govt due to their rigid attitude.

     The Govt is establishing each day that it is the Govt of the rich and for the rich. On behalf of the Group of Ministers, a press statement has been released which is far from facts and concocted. The statement has tried to express that the leadership is almost satisfied with the discussion, as if something very positive has been decided in respect of several demands. But the CITU has revealed the actual discussion, the stern, rigid attitude and tactics of the Central Govt to confuse the countrymen. We are sure that you all have already gone through the statement of CITU, issued by Com. Tapan Sen, in yesterday's blog of NFPE.

    We apprehended that by this time, the Govt would impose some harsh and anti-labour policy through the 7th Central Pay Commission. But while the CPC requested for 2 months additional time, the Govt voluntarily allowed them 4 months, which is obviously to hide those unpopular measures before the strike. So, it should ignite the grievance of our comrades even more. It can be summarily stated that the Govt is not in a mood to completely accept any of the 12 common demands of the strike.

     The 2nd September strike is a golden opportunity for us to show rock-solid unity among all sectors of workers, labourers and employees. Our strength to shake and scrap the anti-people policy of the Govt can be decisive for coming ages for our country. So, apart from a working-class strike, it is also a patriotic movement.  Through this struggle ---- it will also be proved who are with us by the side of the workers and employees, and who in disguise supporting the agenda of the anti-poor Central Govt.

     Therefore comrades, put entire strength of the organisation to make the strike successful. We know in our state there may be threats, physical attacks and violence from the political hooligans backed by ruling power. We have to let people identify that how in the name of opposing strike, they are actually making the hands of Central Govt strong to banish workers and labourers from the privilege of social security in our own country.

     Let us come forward, fight and make the future enlightened.        

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