Tuesday, August 11, 2015


    Comrades, as per the decision of Confederation and NFPE, the strike intimation for 2nd September 2015 has to be served today. Our Federation is serving the notice to the Directorate. 

    Accordingly, all Divl secretaries are requested to serve intimation of the strike to respective Divl Head with mention of serving of the notice at Dte. by our Federation. The charter of demand, which is already given in CHQ/Federation blog, should be enclosed with the letter of intimation.

     Please arrange to form a huge gathering at your Divl headquarters with flag, festoons and posters, explain the main demands before the common mass of our comrades and submit the intimation amidst a spirit of combat. The Circle Union is serving the intimation at C.O. today.

      Let us get prepared for the strike against all odds, attacks and pressures ---- it is the struggle to protect the right of respectable social existence of the entire working class.   

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