Tuesday, August 11, 2015


    All divisions and units have successfully submitted the declarations for membership within the last date, i.e., 06.08.2015.  Please note that our responsibility does not end with this submission. It requires to be followed up till the deduction of subscription starts.

    The last date for submission of individual complaint has now been extended till 21.08.2015 to the Divl/Unit Head. If there is any complaint against the Divl/Unit Head regarding this matter, complaint can be lodged directly to the DPS (HQ), C.O. Meanwhile, please emphasise on the scrutiny of forms in presence of union representatives, which was mentioned in earlier Dte. letters.

     The process of scrutiny at Divl levels has to be completed and sent to DPS(HQ) within 11.09.2015. After disposal from the C.O., deduction has to be started from the salary to be paid on 31.10.2015.

      Please remain watchful so that the above schedule is maintained meticulously.  

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