Monday, November 16, 2015


      Comrades, another significant struggle in the shape of strike on 1-2 December 2015 is ahead of us. We are already in full course of preparations. Let us recollect that these strikes are one of the main reasons that we still have regular recruitments in our department for youngsters, settlements of many justified demands and stop victimisations. It is the apathy and reluctance of the administration towards the pain of the staff that compels us to declare strike program, it is not a regular trade union practice or our natural choice. 

  Circle Union now calls upon all comrades, especially our young comrades, to please come forward preparing new posters on this strike and its demands in English, Bengali and Hindi, and share the poster in facebook with Comrade Adhir Das (

   We shall display selected posters with names in the blog of the Circle Union for all comrades across India. Please make your poster brief, attractive and appealing for the cause of the toiling postal employees.

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