Sunday, November 15, 2015


   The strike notice for 1st-2nd December 2015 has already been served by All India Leaderships of NFPE as well as the Federation itself on 6th Nov at Postal Directorate. West Bengal Circle Unions (NFPE) will serve the strike intimation to the Circle Head on 18th November 2015 from a massive gathering at the C.O. All Divisions (Postal/RMS/MMS) in Kolkata will participate the program at C.O. mobilising maximum numbers of staff at lunch hours.

  All Divisions and Units except in Kolkata will also serve the strike intimation to respective Divn/Unit Heads on the same day, i.e., 18th November 2015. The Divisions in Kolkata will serve it on 20th Nov '15 as they will attend the program of Yogayog Bhawan on 18th.

  The intimation letter should be addressed by name to the Divl/Unit Head with the following suggested text and signed by all Divl Secretaries including GDS(NFPE):
    'This is for your information that as per the call of NFPE and its affiliated organisations and notice served by the Secretary General, NFPE as well as the General Secretaries of affiliates to the DG (Posts) on 06.11.2015 under no. PF-JCA-12-2015, our organisation will participate in the nationwide postal strike on 1st-2nd December 2015. The copy of the notice and strike charter of demands are enclosed for ready reference.'  

   Copy of Strike notice and demands served by NFPE :

(i)        Include GDS in 7th CPC for wage revision and other service related       matters.

(ii)       Implement cadre Restructuring proposals in all cadres including Postal          Accounts      & MMS.

(iii)      Fill up all vacant posts in all cadres of Department of Posts (i.e. PA, SA,          Postmen, Mail Guard, Mail Man, GDS Mail Man, MMS Driver & other staff in         MMS, PA       CO, PA SBCO, Postal Accounts, Civil & Electrical         Wing Staff, as          per actual sanctioned       strength.

(iv)      Stop all types of harassment in the name of implementation of various            new    services and schemes and Trade Union Victimization. 

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