Friday, November 20, 2015


    In continuation with our earlier post in this blog on salary and pension-related items, we are now presenting the observation and recommendations of the CPC on different cadres of our department. Comrades may please note the level of extreme apathy with which the case of Gramin Dak Sevaks are rejected and arguments are concocted.

  Tomorrow we shall publish some interesting features of the 7th CPC report and some analysis.   

Postmasters Cadre :
·         No clear recommendation for appearing in IP exam. Recommended to allow to appear for 25% posts of Sr PM, along with remaining 75% by IPs.

Inspector Posts Cadre :
·         Recommended one step higher pay band each for IP 4200 to 4600, ASPO 4600 to 4800, SPOs 4800 to 5400.

PA Cadre :
·         Demand was to elevate entry level qualification to graduation and grade pay to 4200. Turned down saying ‘no justification’. No explanation or argument behind the decision.

·         Demand was GP 4200 as they are more identical with audit staff, not Postal Assistants. It is turned down. No cash handling allowance is considered.

Postman Cadre :
·         Demand of initial GP 2000 to 2800 turned down.

PO-RMS Accountant Cadre :
·         Demand was for new cadre. No observation recorded as it is related to cadre restructuring  which is beyond jurisdiction of this CPC. Replacement of Pay Level is suggested for unorganized accountants in various Central Govt Departments.

System Administrators and Marketing Executives :
·         Demand of separate cadre has been turned down on the argument that 5th & 6th CPC did not see any reason to form separate cadre and likewise, this CPC also does not see any justification for separate cadre for them.

Postal Dispensaries :
·         This CPC agrees with recommendation of 6th CPC and suggests immediate merger of remaining 33 Postal Dispensaries in 10 Postal Circles with CGHS and include all Postal employees and pensioners under the coverage of CGHS.

Gramin Dak Sevaks :
·         The 7th CPC is self-contradictory in defining the position of GDS. In para 3.10 and 3.11, the 7th CPC has broadly agreed with 3rd CPC and defined Central Govt employees are ‘all persons in the civil services of the Central Govt or holding Civil Posts under that Govt and paid salaries out of consolidated fund of India’.
                          As per this definition, GDS officials also qualify to be Central Govt employee. But possibly, the 7th CPC has constraint not to deny the stand of Central Govt in rejecting claim of GDS officials to include under this CPC. So, in para 11.8.50, the CPC has quoted Supreme Court’s order that GD Sevaks are holder of ‘Civil Posts’ but not Civilian Posts. On this argument the CPC has denied any comment on them. Thus, in defining status of GDS employees, this CPC has contradicted itself in these paras.
·         The effort of deprivation does not end here. In para 3.70, the Commission has recommended that as GD Sevaks are not reckoned as Central Govt personnel, their pay & allowances should not be given from head ‘Salaries’ and a distinct separate head should be created by Department of Posts’ budget and accounts. This is a straightway effort to push the demand of GDS status away further and set the Govt free from liability.

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