Sunday, July 2, 2017

Joint Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU, Gr. “C”, Postmen & MTS, GDS and Divn. Conference of Postal Workers Union, Tamluk Divn.

      Today Joint Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU, Gr. “C”, Postmen & MTS and GDS, Tamluk Divn. held at Tamluk union office. Com. Deben Hembram, Com. Pulin Behari Mondal, Com. Fanindra Nath Burman and Com. Tapan Sahoo presided over the meeting. Com. Sanatan Das, Circle Secretary, Postmen & MTS inaugurated the meeting. He nicely described the present sinario of Postal Department as well as Central Govt. and our tasks.
       The meeting initiated by Com. Srishendu Sahoo, Divn. Secretary, Gr. “C”. Many comrades of different zone took part on discussion. Com. Sukumar Bose, Asstt. Circle Secretary, AIPEU, GDS and Com. Manoj Kumar Shaw, Financial Secretary, AIPEU, Gr. “C” were also present in the meeting on behalf of Circle union and delivered their speech. The Com. Srishendu Sahoo has given reply on the points raised from the comrades of different zone.
Com. Babalu Mahapatra, Com. Ganesh Ghosh and Com. Rabindra Nath Bhuiya elected unanimously as President, Secretary and Treasurer of Postal Workers’ Union from the Conference.   

        Finally, meeting ended with the oath to strengthen our union specially NFPE as a whole. It also made commitment to success all ensuing programs of NFPE/Confederation. 

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