Monday, July 3, 2017

Most Urgent
Book Railway Ticket for ensuing Circle Conference to be held on and from 4 -7th Nov. 17 at Siliguri under Darjeeling Divn.

        All of you are well aware that the ensing Circle Conference will be held on and from 4 -7th Nov. 17 at Siliguri under Darjeeling. Railway ticket will be open before 120 days from the date of commencement of journey. The Railway journey for 3rd Nov. 17 will be open 6th July 2017. Receiption Committee will provide accommodation / dinner from 3rd Nov. 17 (Evening).
        Hence, all Divn. / Branch Secretaries are requested to book their tickets so as to reach by 3rd Nov 17 (Evening). For that purpose, you may avail the following trains on 3rd Nov. 17. 15659 (Kanchanjangha Exp. from Kolkata Stn., at 06.35 AM), 13141, (Testa Torsa exp. from Sealdah Stn.  at 13.40 PM), 12345, (Saraighata Exp. from Howrah Stn. at 15.50 PM) and 12509 (Guwahati Exp. from Howrah at 11015). Booking for Railway tickets for 3rd Nov. 17 will be started on 6th July 17. The return tickets may be booked after 5.00 PM of 7th Nov. 17. In that case you may avail down trains like Darjeeling Mail, Saraighata Exp., Kanchankanya Exp, Padatik Exp. etc. etc.
        Pl don’t late to book tickets.
        Hurry up …….

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