Saturday, March 31, 2012

      The administrative efforts are continuing to open Franchisee Outlets in different parts of West Bengal. After divisions in North Bengal Region, effort has been initiated to open two outlets in Howrah Division, one each in pincode areas of Howrah-1 and Howrah-2.   
     Divisional Unions of Howrah protested instantly and hugely today before the divisional administration. Due to their timely reaction, the effort has been put to a halt. 
      It requires mentioning that recently Circle Unions have written twice to the Circle Head reiterating the stand of NFPE against expansion of postal service in this fashion by inviting private players slowly. It was one of the strike demands also by the Postal JCA. The Circle Administration has communicated us that it is being done due to the pressure of the Postal Directorate, but we also replied that in yesteryears also, the decision and policies were there, but due to ground reality and severe staff-sentiment against this scheme, West Bengal Circle Administration pragmatically decided not to pursue its implementation and the cordial relation between the administration and the staff-side continued.
       Please recall that we are against Franchisee Outlets because it opens up our business to private parties slowly and silently. The license fee is nominal. More so, attracting unemployed youth to it at a meager wage is another shape of exploitation. Why not rather go for opening Sub or Branch post offices where these youth can get a job with minimum social honour and prospect? We are, on principle, against this scheme and ready to stop it by any means.
       We congratulate member of Howrah division for their sensible movement even in absence of Group-C divisional secretary and request all of our divisional unions to react instantly and obstruct such effort wherever and whenever it is noticed and to contact Circle Unions immediately.     

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