Monday, March 12, 2012


Kolkata G.P.O. ---- The Building with the Memory of Babu Tarapada

The Seminar and the Circle Study Camp on Disciplinary & other Rules completed successfully with avid participation of the delegates.
  The program started with hoisting of NFPE flag by Com. Tapan Dasgupta, Gr-C Circle President and garlanding the martyr's column.
   After a brief inauguration by Com. Shib Sankar Roy, Jt. Convener, 12th July Committee, ex-Circle Secretary Gr-C & ex-AGS(CHQ) and our teacher, video clips were shown having observations of Smt. Manjula Parashar, Secretary(Posts), Sri Kapil Sibal, Minister of Communication & IT, Sri Sachin Pilot, Minister of State and Sri Samir Kochar, a prominent businessperson speaking on the situation of India Post in the Round Table on National Postal Policy in New Delhi on 1st February last.
   This was followed by the Seminar on 'India Post: Present Scenario, challenges & our tasks' by Smt. Sharda Sampath, Hon'ble Postmaster General, Kolkata Region. Through PowerPoint slides she discussed the present situation of deep trouble and the struggle of India Post to hold and enhance the social relevance once it had.
     Com. K.V.Sridharan, G.S. Gr-C(CHQ) then took over to present the first item of the Study Camp --- 'How to present cases before the administration citing Rules', with an excellent PowerPoint presentation. 
The next subject was much awaited. Com. Shib Sankar Roy took the class on 'Disciplinary Proceedings and the Role of Defence Assistant'. He also prepared a brief yet effective note in Bengali on the subject which was distributed among the delegates. The subject was explained drawing reference to real-life cases supplied to the delegates also. Com. Rabindralal Bhattacharya, ex-Deputy Secretary General of NFPE and our teacher, subsequently made the discussion more lively citing different incidents from his 50-years experience over the matter. Interactions and a set of Q & A on CCS(CCA) & Conduct Rules were followed next.
       The next class was taken by Com. Gouranga Deb Maity, Asstt. Circle Secretary & AGS (CHQ) on 'RTI Act 2005: A Tool for Trade Unionists'. Com. Maity explained the procedure & advantages of seeking information under this Act. The scope for the Trade Union leaders is huge if this is used against the administration, especially against the corrupt and reluctant parts of the administration which acts against the interest and welfare of general staffs. 
     The house was adjourned with placement of the work paper by the Circle Secretaries and distribution of subjects of Group Discussions.
      The session started with presentation of the Groups on the subject given overnight. Com. Sridharan explained each issue with reference to relevant rules and guided the discussion.
       Then Com. I.S.Dabas, General Secretary Postmen & Gr-D/MSE (CHQ) deliberated on 'The Problems of Postmen/Gr-D & the Rules covering delivery system, duties of overseers & Gr-D'.
       Simultaneously. a meeting with the comrades of Postmaster Cadre also took place in another room. Circle leadership and Com. Sridharan were present and took part in the discussion on their unique problems and career prospects. To pursue and resolve their problem in this Circle effectively, a Circle Sub-Committee of 9 comrades was constituted (separate news will be blogged shortly).
   The joint session resumed again with Com. Sridharan presenting GDS Rulings with another attractive PowerPoint presentation. This session covered both GDS Conduct & Engagement Rules and B.O.Rules. Then the final subject ---- Contributory Negligence' was taken by Com. K.V.Sridharan. With the aid of aptly prepared PowerPoint presentation, the G.S. made the complicated issue simple and catchy. 
             Our participants (159) have given us honest feedbacks with their appreciation, suggestions and commitments to propagate this cultivation upto divisional levels. All comrades were given many sets of Questions & Answers both in Bengali & English, an 88-page study material, all the Q & As, all PowerPoint presentations are available with Circle Union (actually there were two more presentations on Disciplinary Rules & History of P&T Movement in India. A very important document having Vigilance Guidelines of the Postal Directorate is with us, which Com. Sridharan had shown and talked about.  
         Willing comrades can have copies by contacting Circle Union over phone [033-22376108/9831209684(Com. Bijan Chakraborty)] or e-mail ( BUT THE CIRCLE UNION WILL BE HAVING SOME DISCRETION WHILE SUPPLYING THESE DOCUMENTS AND PRESENTATIONS FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. REQUESTS SHOULD COME THROUGH THE DIVISIONAL SECRETARIES.
          Circle Unions expect that the Divisions will feel more confident operating the organisation and this program will be observed in all divisions in due course. Let us work together and explore new avenues to build up a stronger organisation.   

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