Thursday, March 1, 2012

       The environment of panic and terror continues even on the next day of the historic strike. Despite severe threats all over the state, the political hooligans could not succeed to foil the strike. The desolate streets, locked gates and empty vehicles told the story other way. Many of our comrades were threatened before the strike to attend office, but they did not. So, the hooligans appeared today at places to take their accounts.
     Early information reached us today that at Srirampore H.O.(South Hooghly Division), Police picked up Com. Subrata Nag, Group-D Mail Peon from office without permission or intimation to the departmental administration. No reason furnished, no warrant shown, no allegation uttered. Information from local sources also reached at the office that the Offg. Postmaster (our member) would be attacked shortly as he did not obey the dictum of the miscreants not to strike. Few such known faces were also noted gathering in the vicinity. An FIR was also reportedly filed against the Offg. Postmaster for not opening office. The Divl Leadership contacted the Divl Supdt and the Circle Secretary met the PMG, South Bengal Region immediately. Both the officers reacted appropriately and the Police was intimated by the department that the Postal Employees proceeded on strike upon serving prior notice. Finally, the Police released Com. Subrata Nag and the Divl Supdt assured us that no FIR was lying and the department filed no complaint against anybody, Police was hyperactive due to some outside influences.
      At Nakshalbari S.O. in Darjeeling Division, few political miscreants found gheraoing the office today morning and waiting for the staffs to come, whom they threatened the other day not to participate in the strike. Our comrades were aware of probable attack and they kept safe distance. Divl leadership intimated the Supdt and Circle Secretary also talked with Sri M.L.Kalia, PMG, North Bengal & Sikkim. The PMG talked to the higher ranks of the Police and finally, a police force went to the office and dispersed the gathering.
         At Nandan nagar and Kanchrapara S.O.s in North Presidency Division, the situations were no different. The SPM of Nandan nagar S.O. was directed today morning by the miscreants to meet them in an adjacent office of a Political Party (opposing the strike) before he left for home. However, security was arranged and he did not require to oblige them. Postal staffs of Kanchrapara S.O. had previous experiences of similar threats.
         Comrades, there are several more instances. We are only citing these as we intend to let you all know that how bravely our comrades are fighting. The threats and today's revengeful attitude establish that the hooligans could not succeed in their mission, but we have achieved ours. Please hold the demonstration today at recess hours to bring all these issues into light. Involve every single postal employee, expose our enemies and build up class-hatred.   

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