Thursday, August 20, 2015


    26th August, next Wednesday, will be day of two programs in West Bengal Circle. Our Federation has already issued a call to hold day-long Dharna in all divisions in protest of the rejection of the demand of inclusion of GDS cadre under the purview of 7th Pay Commission by the Finance Ministry. The Government in the Centre in one hand requesting us to give up LPG subsidy to ignite a flame in the kitchen of the poor, on the other hand it is putting out the flame in the kitchens of poor GDS employees.

     On that very date, Circle Unions will start an indefinite hunger-fast movement right in front of the doors of the Chief PMG, West Bengal Circle, to achieve the demand of transfer of Sri Bidhan Chandra Das, SSPOs, South Hooghly Division. This was the decision of last joint circle working committee meeting. We have seen enough of assurances and gestures, now we need to compel them to act. We cannot be patient spectators when a mere Divisional Head in West Bengal challenges NFPE and vows to reduce us. We fail to understand as to why a part of the administration is not interested to transfer him despite placing several conclusive instances of biased and vindictive activities of this officer against us.     

     It was the decision of our last working committee meeting that our South Hooghly Divisional Unions will not have anymore discussion or meeting with the Divl SSPOs. There is no point in continuing the local liaison at this stage. 

    Thus, this being one of the most determined fights of recent times, we request all comrades to prepare for a greater struggle not only at Circle level, but also in all divisions. It is now not only an issue of South Hooghly Division, it is the question of surrendering or combating the threat to our mighty organisation and we have chosen the second way ---- to combat. Let us be ready in unison to record another victory.  


Abhishek said...

Please do some Dharnas for us too.... we are the deprived PA/SA selected candidates....
You seem to forget about us... :( bohut bura ho raha hay hamarey saath... bohut hi bura... we are genuine candidates... :( Please do everything to lift this abeyance and let us join the dept... Waiting for ur valuable reply... Thank You.

Unknown said...

Sir, we are the PA/SA selected candidates. Such type of dharnas may be done for us too. We will ever grateful to the union.