Sunday, January 15, 2012


   West Bengal Circle Administration has announced an essay competition in Bengali/English/Hindi on PLI/RPLI in two groups. The topic of Group-A (age limit 16 years) is 'Different types of PLI/RPLI and their benefits'(within 500-700 words). The topic of Group-B (above 16 years) is 'The importance of Life Insurance and why PLI/RPLI is the best option' (within 1000-1500 words). The participant himself/herself or any of his/her parents should have a PLI/RPLI policy, the number of which is required to be quoted on the paper on which the essay is written. The essay is to be submitted to DDM (PLI), C.O. Last date of submission is 15.02.2012. The detail has been published in leading newspapers on 15.01.2012. In each group, the 1st prize is Rs.10,000/-, 2nd prize is Rs.5000/-, five 3rd prizes for Rs.1000/- each,ten consolation prizes for Rs.100/- each.

        We have an humble suggestion for our Circle Administration. What about holding an essay competition, for staffs only, on 'How to improve the service of PLI/RPLI and timely disposal of claims to minimise policy holders' grievances'? And we do not need any prize for the position holders.   

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