Sunday, January 8, 2012

         As pre-scheduled, the meeting of the Circle Union with representatives of the Postmaster Cadre has been held yesterday evening at Tarapada Memorial Hall, Kolkata. This was a preparatory meeting for further plans, so comrades of only Kolkata city and neighbouring divisions were requested to attend the meeting.
             16 officials belonging in Postmaster Grade-I & II attended the meeting. As all of them were very conversant with their problems, the discussion came out very fruitful. The day-to-day problems of office management and the flaws of the administration on policy matters ---- both had been reflected subjectively. Problems like embargo to appear in IPO & PSS Group-B examination for Postmaster Cadre officials, absence of exercising options before routine transfers, limited financial power, absence of clarity regarding appointing & disciplinary authority in recruitment rules, , futile career and financial prospects, unilateral communication from higher tiers of administration without scope of feedback, difficulties due to circle liability of transfer posting ----- all these had been discussed in details. Circle Union also elaborated standpoint of NFPE and efforts taken in this connection.
        The meeting has unanimously agreed upon the fact that fighting to set right these problems under the united banner of NFPE is the only recourse, as NFPE considers that these are not the problems of Postmaster Cadre only, but of entire Group-C and the organisation as well. Conclusion was drawn to the meeting with the decision that a Circle Convention of Postmaster Cadre officials will be organised soon after the strike issue is resolved with sufficient time in hand for preparation of everyone to attend it from all corners of the circle. From the convention, a cell will be constituted which will look into each issue in depth and take up with the administration through the Circle Union.
       From Circle Union, Coms. Tapan Dasgupta, Janardan Majumdar, Asim Deb, Gouranga Deb Maity, Asit Bangabas, Bijan Chakraborty, Annwesha Biswas, Uttam Paul, Manoj Shaw and Com. Asit Das (Circle Secretary, SBCO, NFPE) were present.     

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