Monday, January 9, 2012


     In support of the revived indefinite postal strike called by Central JCA from 17the January 2012, all divisions are holding orhaniastional campaign programs. On 08.01.12, Sunday, Coochbehar & Burdwan divisions held general meetings.
    The Convention of Coochbehar Division was organised at ground adjacent to Coochbehar H.O. The participation and presence of staffs in the convention was huge and spontaneous. Apart from Postal, leadership from 12th July Committee and Insurance sector were also present. The Divisional Unions have prepared and displayed posters and flexes in support of the strike. Decision was taken that from 11th to 15th, there would be exhaustive tours in the division campaigning the strike. Com. Nanda Sen was present in the convention from the Circle Union.
       Burdwan Divisional Unions organised their general meeting at Burdwan H.O. The presence there was also the best in recent times. Apart from Postal, RMS comrades were also present in the meeting. Com. Janardan Majumdar, on behalf of the Circle Unions, spoke before the audience.  

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