Thursday, January 5, 2012


    Remembering Com. K.G.Bose's 37th Death Anniversary, CGCC, West Bengal arranged the annual speech this year yesterday by Com. Tapan Sen, General Secretary, CITU, on  'Occupy Wall Street and Fight of the Maruti-Suzuki Workers ---- New Directions of Trade Union Movement'.
       Com. Sen mesmerized a full house of audience in Centenary Hall, University of Kolkata, as he unfolded the intensity of spontaneous hatred of common people reflected against the International Finance Capital that is responsible for the increasing discrimination and polarisation of property, leaving unemployment and poverty for the 99% of world's population. He explained that the expansion and locations of the movement worldwide (almost in 2000 cities now) show us that the protesters have identified the culprit, and targeting the centers of the casinos ---- stock exchanges. But he has also warned us that spontaneous movement cannot bring change automatically as it is triggered and developed mostly by emotions. To complete the change by using this opportunity, class-conscious movement should be built up.
       He also enlightened the facts of Maruti-Suzuki movement. Workers there did not demand more salary (though their salary is poor), they only formed their union. The leaders were sacked, local government supported the capitalist owners. He placed numerous statistics to establish that Suzuki Corpn and such other MNCs are making much more benefits from factories in developing countries like India, than in their own countries. That is why they are so terrified when workers tried to get united. 
         Comrades present in this seminar have been tremendously benefited from his deliberation. We request them to please spread the information and the realities in coming days and take effort to record a historic strike on 28th February 2012, called by all Central Trade Unions, for the first time in India. The CGCC has directed all comrades to attend the meeting of Sri Sanjeev Reddy, President, INTUC, on 9th January 2012, at Rani Rasmoni Road, at 3-30 P.M.      

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