Saturday, January 21, 2012

      The Central JCA Delegation has met the Minister of State, Sri Sachin Pilot today. The memorandum submitted to him is given in the NFPE blog. A brief has also been given on the discussion on the items of GDS, Part-time workers' demands and on the revision of OTA. We have an on spot order (verbal though, needs confirmation in writing from Postal Directorate) for pay protection for GDS TRCA and a timeframe for revise cash handling norms. Revision of allowance for Part-time workers' has also attracted his attention. The leadership has carefully chosen and prepared the memorandum elaborating all arguments in support. 
       So far so good, if the concern shown by the Minister is genuine, there are elements to be optimistic. But at the same time, we would like to remind you many of such assurances made by former communication ministers, which did not turn up materialising. We had promises like abolition of ED-system from department, regularisation of 2000 strike period by earned leave, enhancement of TBOP/BCR pay scale to make it at par  with (or at least close to) those of other departments etc. So, we suggest our comrades to remain realistic also, and not to get overwhelmed with expectations. Please note that the Minister has met our leadership only because we prepared for an indefinite strike. The need to strengthen organisation is always the primary objective, nothing will come cheap.   

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