Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Are they at all staff representatives?
Dolls playing at the hands of authority?

     You know it well that in case of Kolkata GPO we have made specific complaints against Sri Arun Sarkar, DDPO (Admn.), Kolkata GPO. There is an allegation that Sri Arun Sarkar is habituated to ill-behave with his subordinate staff. He is even habituated to harass female employees also. His past record is welknown to us. So, it is not bearable to us that he will teach our employees / members how to be loyal to work or disciple inside office. However, he was clearly accused of untimely death of Sri Arindam Sarkar Staff Kolkata GPO. It is fact that Sri Arindam Sarkar had some diseases. But as per Doctor’s report Sri Aridam Sarkar was mentally broken down due to continuous mental torture, induced on him by Sri Arun Sarkar. Even after unexpected death of sri Arindam Sarkar his mother aged about 90 had made clear complain before our hon’ble Chief Postmaster General, blaming Sri Arun Sarkar for death of her only son. It is fact that on 17.02.2015, getting news of death of Sri Arindam Sarkar employees of Kolkata GPO, irrespective of unions, burst into severe anger and resentment. For a time being, not for the whole day no one was being highly shocked in a position to deliver their normal duties, which finally resumed after intervention of Circle unions.
      Now, it is learnt one recognized service union other than our union met our hon’ble Chief Postmaster General on 24.02.2015 and put forward their demand to take suitable administration for disrupting daily works in Kolkata GPO on 17.02.2015. Actually, already we made it clear that on 17.02.2015, all cross section of employees in Kolkata GPO, irrespective of unions took part in demonstration. Even leadership of above service union joined that demonstration and one made speech before the assembled employees, against Sri Arun Sakrar demanding his immediate transfer.
       Now, it is clear that leadership of that organization are now demanding suitable action against all employees of Kolkata GPO. As per information / news posted by them, they have claimed no punishment against Sri Arun Sarkar, which they demanded before the gathering on 17.02.2015.
      Simply think in yourself, before administration union is claiming action against employees. Is it at all tasks of staff representatives?
   We know that leadership of this union support genuine strike at national level while oppose at West Bengal Circle level. What a ridiculous union!
     Now, we have come to know that they can do every thing. They even can take side against our employees, only to satisfy / appease administration. Though they claim that they are staff representatives.
     You are only to take proper lesson.   

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