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    Divisional Conferences of Gr-C, Postmen & MTS/Gr-D in Barasat Divn, Gr-C, Postmen & MTS/Gr-D and GDS(NFPE) in  South Hooghly Divn AND Postmen & MTS/Gr-D and GDS(NFPE) unions in South Presidency Division have been held on 19.04.2015.

Barasat Division :
   The conferences were held at Karmachari Bhavan, Barasat. Around 300 delegates were present. The conference was inaugurated by Com. Janardan Majumder, Circle Secretary, Group-C. In the joint opening session, Comrades Khagen Nag (Jt. Convener of local 12th July Committee), Partha Goswami (District Secretary, State Coordination Committee), Arun Dutta (Pensioners' Association) were present. Sri Parimal Mitra, SPOs, Barasat Divn also graced the program by his presence as the Chief Guest.
     Apart from Com. Janardan Majumder, comrades Nirmal Dey, C.S., P-IV Union, Subhas Chakraborty and Subrata Banerjee from P-IV Union, President of Circle Administrative Union (NFPE) Com. Tarun Roy Banerjee were also present in the conference. Coms. Dipak Ghosh and Shibapada Dey presided over the conference of P-III & P-IV union respectively. 15 delegates participated in the discussion on the draft secretarial report.
       Comrades unanimously elected as President, Secretary and Financial Secretary are ---- in Gr-C union Coms. Asit Bangabash, Subrata Mustafi and Rakesh Das respectively; in Postmen & MTS/Gr-D union are Coms. Shibapada Dey, Khurshid Alam and Prasanta Roy respectively. Details of the conference are also given in the earlier blog.

South Hooghly Division :
      The joint opening session was held at Serampore High School and inaugurated by Com. Smarajit Roy Chowdhury, ex-General Secretary, State Coordination Committee. The conference of GDS(NFPE) held at this school, while the conferences of P-III & P-IV were held at Serampore H.O. after the inaugural session. Apart from the inaugurator, Coms. Haraprasad Bhattacharya (Dist. Secretary, CGCC) and Bhabatosh Bose, President, Reception Committee and Sub-Divisional Jt. Convener, 12th July Committee were also present and delivered their speeches in the inaugural session. SSPOs, South Hooghly Divn Sri Bidhan Das sent a message wishing the success of the conference. 170 delegates from P-III, 96 delegates from P-IV and 258 delegates from GDS attended in the conference.
      In P-III conference, 6 delegates participated in discussion on the draft report. On behalf of Circle Union Com. Bijan Chakraborty, A.C.S., delivered his speech. New committee was unanimously elected having Coms. Partha Dasgupta as President, Sonachand Shil as Secretary and Amitava Bera as the Financial Secretary.
      In P-IV conference, Com. Manas Khatua was present on behalf of Circle Union. New committee was formed having Coms. Suprakash Srimani as President, Srikanta Basu as Secretary and Kashinath Panja as Fin. Secretary.
      In GDS(NFPE) conference, Circle Secretary and All India President of the union Com. Bijoy Gopal Sur delivered his speech. Coms. Dinabandhu Bhar, Sukumar Bose and Sukumar Mukherjee have been elected as the President, Secretary and Fin. Secretary of the new committee respectively.

South Presidency :
     The Conferences were held at Dak Andolan Bhavan, Baruipur. 508 delegates from GDS(NFPE) union and 50 delegates from P-IV union attended the conference. Com. Nirmal Dey, C.S., P-IV, was present and inaugurated the conference. Com. Ashis Bharati, Dist. Secretary CGCC, was present. From GDS Circle Union Com. Nilratan Chakraborty was present.
    From the conference, Coms. Sankar Biswas, Granthik Baidya and Goutam Debnath were elected unanimously as President, Secretary and Fin. Secretary in P-IV union respectively. In GDS(NFPE) union, Coms. Ramkrishna Bera, Tapan Bharati and Panchanan Bairagi were unanimously elected as President, Secretary and Fin. Secretary.       

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