Monday, April 27, 2015


        The Divl Conferences of AIPEU Group-C and Part-Time & Contingent-paid Workers Union (NFPE) have been held at Baruipur H.P.O. on 26.04.2015. The spirit and participation of the members were at peak. 340 comrades attended the conference exceeding the assessment.

         After hoisting of red flag of NFPE, a brief cultural program was presented by our comrades and also by 'Gananatya Sangha', followed by the joint session inaugurated by Com. Somnath Goswami, Asstt. Circle Secretary, Group-C. In his brief yet significant speech he pointed out the present scenario of the department and our tasks including the ensuing strike from 6th May 2015.  Com. Goutam Kundagrami, Circle Secretary, Part-Time Union, was also present. Then the Draft Secretarial Report and audited accounts were placed. This session was also graced by the presence of Com. Lakshmikanta Ghoshal, Secretary, Pensioners' Association, Rajpur-Sonarpur unit, and by Sri Surajit Dasgupta, ASPOs(HQ).

    In the subject session of Group-C, 13 new-recruits in P.A. cadre (yet to join) had been felicitated by senior comrades. Several other comrades ---- retired, transferred or left the department ---- were also felicitated. On the draft report, 5 comrades spoke. Through their deliberations, the pain of the staffs of our department and administrative indifference were revealed. Com. Bijan Chakraborty, Asstt. Circle Secretary, explained the situation with references to CBS roll-out, conspiracy of the Govt for corporatisation of the department, and the way of victory through struggle with unity. 

           South Presidency always had a special place for Com. Partha Sarathi Das, our veteran leader and teacher and Ex-President of Group-C Circe Union. As he was not in a physical position to attend, he addressed the delegates through mobile phone, played through the speaker and sound box. 

      The new committee was formed with Com. Bindhyachal Ram as President, Com. Bijan Chakraborty as Secretary and Com. Bhaskar Majumder as Financial Secretary. 

       In Part-Time conference, new committee was formed with Coms. Adhir Das, Surath Bhandari and Bibhas Das as President, Secretary and Fin. Secretary respectively.     

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