Friday, April 17, 2015

Impressive Zonal meeting in Bankura Division --- Circle leadership attended.

      Two very impressive Zonal meeting were held on 14.04.2015 in Bankura Division. First meeting was held at Barjora S.O.  Members / Organisors of Barjora S.O, Beliatore, Maliara, Hatasuria, Pakhanna and different Branch offices took part in Barjora zonal meeting. More than 50 members / Comrades took part in the meeting. Com. Anil Baran Pal, Ex-Postman presided over the meeting. Com.  Subrata Mukherjee, Postmaster,  Barjora S.O.,  was also present. Amongst Divisional leaders were Com. Samir Mondal, Com. Saptak Nag, Com. Somnath Chatterjee, Com. Uttam Das & Com. Avijit Banerjee.
     The second meeting was held at Sonamukhi S.O. at least 35 KM away from Barjora S.O. Here nearly 70 members / Comrades were present. Com. Swarup Roy presided over the meeting. Members / organisors of Sonamukhi, Indus, Patrasayar, Aki and different Branch offices took part in the meeting. Divisional leadership like Com. Samir Mondal, Com. Tushar Sarkar, Com. Mrinal Sarkar, Com. Somnath Chatterjee, Com. Saptak Nag, Com. Avijit Banerjee, Com. Shyama Prasad Gupta, Com. Brahmananda Ghosh, Com. Ashim Mukherjee, Com. Debasish Nandy & Com. Uttam Das were present in the meeting. 

     Com. Janardan Majumdar, Circle Secretary, delivered his speech in both the meetings. With him Com. Bibhas Ghara, member, Sangramee Dak Editorial Board was also present in both meetings. Present organizational tasks like March
to Parliament on 28th April, All India Postal Strike from 6th May, membership verification etc. were discussed in both the meetings with utmost emphasis. For consolidation of organizational tasks / views and aspects these types of meetings are very effective. In small meetings with homely atmosphere, discussion / interaction etc. over organizational should be continued more effectively and regularly. Relations with the members are also strenghthened by such zonal meetings.
     All Divl leaders are requested to convene such zonal meetings. If required, Circle Union representatives will remain present in those meetings. 

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